Advertise on Abacus for as little as $4.99 a month! Abacus provides a unique platform for advertisers, with a core audience of individuals with common intrests. Advertisements will be placed in the MOTD, seen upon login, and will also appear on the home page (

Any advertiser will be listed in an honorable mentions page for an extended duration, as well as having access to a shell account on request.

The "standard" $4.99 plan allows one paragraph of text, with up to 5 URLs. No non-printable characters, no HTML.

The "web" plan, costing a little more ($7.99), allows any non-malicious HTML within that paragraph on the web, and common ANSI escape sequences in the MOTD entry.

The "pro" plan, upping the cost to $14.99 a month, is a standard 468x60 or 60x468 banner ad on the web, and a 5 line block of MOTD space limited to 120 printed (visible, not including ANSI sequences, etc.) characters horizontal. The banner may be an iFrame pointing to a URL of choice, a div with content of choice, or an image hosted on abacus and a link of the advertiser's choosing.

With so many options to choose from, why wait? Email jercos at gmail dot com, or jercos at jercos dot dyndns dot org with questions, requests for more granular quotes (alternate banner sizes, keyword ads, etc.), or offers.